Create a risk management plan for your project. To do this, you must create a scope and a WBS for your project.

My topic is Bring your own device 
Things needed are

  1. Create a risk management plan for your project. To do this, you must create a scope and a WBS for your project.
  2. Perform risk management planning as defined in the lecture.
  3. Identify risks for your project, including any issues that may
    impede or impair the completion of the project. You must identify at
    least 15 positive and 15 negative risks.
  4. Prioritize the risks by performing qualitative risk analysis.
  5. Perform risk response planning for your project by creating
    detailed risk response plans for those risks needing responses. This
    should include both proactive responses and reactive contingency plans
    as appropriate.
  6. Attached is what I have done so far plus the WBS and the project scope but I am not sure I did this right
  7. Other requirements At least six authoritative, outside references are required
    (anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable). These should
    be listed on the last page, titled Works Cited.
    Appropriate citations are required.

Document Preview: 

ACME Regional Medical Center (ARMC) provides healthcare and some trauma care to a number of counties in central Florida. ARMC offers a range of services designed to both diagnose and treat patients, including a clinical laboratory, emergency room, minor and major surgery as well as inpatient and outpatient care.
ARMC saw the need to fully digitize how patient information is tracked and stored and while hard copies are archived and maintained, the need to access information in a fast and reliable manner has led to all data being converted to be accessed not only electronically but also remotely. In order to meet this requirement, ARMC built has a wireless infrastructure that spans the entire hospital. Patient care involves moving from room to room, to facilitate this, ARMC implements a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution in order to manage the 50 iPads and iPhones that are currently in use on the floor.
The problem with this current setup is that there has been a significant shift in the industry that factors the feasibility of company issued mobile devices and the cost effectiveness of maintaining them. Budgets for hospitals are always a concern as financial resources to cover overhead, maintenance costs, etc. are areas that need strengthening. Employees require constant access and communication means to information for verification, approval and documentation and the hospital does not have the budget to roll out enough mobile devices for every employee to use forcing a majority of the medical staff to use shared devices or in cases where a device is not available revert to alternate methods of taking down information to upload later when a computer is available. In addition to the patient portal, there are many medical apps would not be regulated but provide a wealth of information that doctors can use on the fly. 

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