Discuss some of the specific skills and knowledge that you will utilize in opening the facility and managing the staff.

The pediatric community care center has decided to expand its operation by opening a small pediatric satellite clinic in your community or a specific area
of your city. You have been selected as administrator for the new facility. As part of your duties, you have been asked to assemble a new multidisciplinary
team of health care and administrative workers to staff the new facility and be responsible for providing a variety of pediatric services to children
primarily residing in your community and possible adjacent areas.

Your boss has emphasized that the new team needs to be multicultural based upon the community needs, to be multicultural in case a diverse population
exists within your community or the specific area of your city that you selected. In addition, your boss has cautioned that managing and leading
multidisciplinary teams can be difficult. Although your boss has encouraged you to take advantage of current technology solutions to help manage the new
facility and patients, she has been careful to point out that the new facility must be profitable.

Using demographical and epidemiological data available about your community, city, or state, and reflecting on what you have been taught throughout the
course, prepare an essay in APA format that addresses the following:

Identify some of the challenges that you will face in opening the new facility in your specific community, such as assembling and managing the required
staff; providing the required services and resources; building rapport in the new community; ensuring profitability of the clinic; acquiring and taking
advantage of new technology to manage medical records; ensuring quality assurance; and complying with regulatory agencies to protect the health, safety,
confidentiality, and rights of the patients.

Explain how you will address each of the challenges that you identified and any other related issues.

Discuss some of the specific skills and knowledge that you will utilize in opening the facility and managing the staff.

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