Ecology and Wildlife Risk Evaluation

ENV 420 Week 4 Individual Assignment Ecology and Wildlife Risk Evaluation Write a 1,700- to 2,050-word analysis of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Case Study 19.5 and the Ch. 22 case study, which predicts the effect of pesticides on aquatic systems. Complete the following in your paper: Describe the process of defining ecological value using the specific examples developed in the case study of the Los Alamos National Laboratory from section 19.5. Compare section 19.5 with the application of probabilistic risk assessment methods in the case predicting the effect of pesticides on aquatic systems in Ch. 22. Begin by briefly describing the Ch. 22 case, the hazards that were studied, and the risk uncertainties that lead to a reanalysis of the case using probabilistic assessment. Explain how the case from Ch. 22 applied the risk assessment framework and hypothesize improvements in the analysis process. Describe how the risk assessment correlated to observed field studies and evaluate the importance of this type of correlation in general for all risk assessment efforts. What are the ecological and social values of concern in each case? Establish a value for the ecological components in each case. Are there any tradeoffs between wildlife and development? How is this risk assessment actually determined? Hypothesize how the probabilistic analysis process could be improved in the Ch. 22 case study to predict ecological risks for environmental contaminants.

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