Examining the Impact of Fatigue on the Severity of Fire Fighter Casualties

Practice Exercise 4: Examining the Impact of Fatigue on the
Severity of Fire Fighter Casualties A recent report by the
International Fire Chiefs Association revealed that between 2010
and 2013 fire departments nationally exhibited a 25% increase in
crashes caused by fatigue. This finding has compelled the
Department of Homeland Security to examine the impact of fatigue
among fire fighters on severity of fire fighter casualties. The
Department hypothesizes that fatigue may have a strong impact on
the severity of fire fighter casualties, which, if it does, may
compel the Department to develop policies that require departments
to demonstrate measures to mitigate fatigue as a prerequisite for
Homeland Security funding for various operations. You have been
assigned by the Department of Homeland Security to investigate the
validity of the above hypothesis using the 2011 National Fire
Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) dataset of fire fighter
causalities for all fire departments throughout the United States.
Other factors that may impact the severity of fire fighter
casualties include: age of the firefighter and number of prior
calls in the past 24 hours. Using the correlation and multiple
regression analysis, test the above hypothesis. Next, report your
results and make a recommendation to the Department.
ì-Y@03 Oct
[1]V1      state of incident
[1]V2      Fire Department ID
[1]V4      Career Firefighter? [1]

V5      age of fire service

V8      (Number of prior responses in past
24 hrs[1]V10     “Physical condition before
casualty [1]V11     seriousness of casualty
[1][1][1]V24     *Number of responses in past
24 hrs-ordinal [1][1][1]V16A    Cause of injury
[1][1][1]V18A    $Building Height where injury
occured[1][1][1]V13A    Most Serious Injury
Sustained   [1][1][1]V10A    fatigued
[1]ð?career @
volunteer      [1]ð?rested
@fatigued/ill/injuried ð?minor exposure/first
aid       @treated by
doc/moderate@severe/life threatening@death ð?

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