How to Write a Nursing Essay

Although you might not think that nursing requires academic essays, it is essential to write a nursing essay when applying for a nursing program and communicating your theory of nursing throughout your education. Writing a nursing essay is not easy. It requires technical knowledge and proper research. The information must also be clear and understandable to the audience. This article will help you write a nursing essay. It includes an outline, step by step directions for each paragraph and other helpful tips. You can find a guide in our graduate essay-writing service. are academic papers that cover a topic in nursing. They can be used in an application process for nursing school, or to show your knowledge in a nursing program. A nursing essay is a great way to advance your career and highlight any special cases or issues. This type of essay is more academic than the ones you might have written in high school. It is also written for a highly educated audience. There are many expectations depending on whether the essay is an admissions essay, part or full of a coursework or a research paper as a professional nurse. This article will discuss nursing essays that can be used to gain admission into a nursing program.

How to write a good nursing essay

Writing a nursing essay can be overwhelming because it is different than other essays. It requires more than other types of writing. You must pay attention to details, scientific accuracy and thoroughly researched research. Your essay must also include citations. The idea must be communicated clearly. Breaking down a daunting task into smaller steps makes it easier. A nursing essay, at its core is no different than any other type. If you are required to write a nursing paper, here's how you can do it step-by-step.

Take the time to read through the assignment.

First, make sure you fully understand what you are being asked. You may be asked to identify the topics that you will explore and how you are going to analyze them. The prompt will typically include the word count, expected quality of sources and the required citation style (most commonly MLA for nursing essays). These details will guide you through your essay. A mistake can cost you a lot of money, so make sure to read the assignment carefully.

Select a topic

To find out more information, think about several topics. Think about your audience and consider what topics they might find interesting. However, make sure any topic that you are considering is also personally relevant. Reduce your list to two or three topics and then dig deeper until you find the right topic.

Analyze and outline

An outline is a vital tool to organize your research and structure your essay. Either you can create your outline from scratch or use a template (a sample nursing essay outline is available). An outline is great for visualizing the flow of your essay and helps you keep track of important information that was discovered during research.

Conduct research

You should only use reliable sources. This will be for a nursing essay. To make it easier to reference the bibliography, you should organize the information that you have found into an outline.

Write the introduction

Your introduction paragraph tells the reader about your paper and its importance. It also provides background information. Writing an introduction paragraph is easier if you have already written the body paragraphs. This is because you'll have a better idea about what background information you should give. Nevertheless, your thesis statement should be written at this stage. The thesis statement is a brief description of the content of your paper. This statement will guide the rest of your paper, so spend some time crafting one!

Write your body paragraphs

You can have anywhere from 1 to 5 body paragraphs depending on how many words you are using. Each paragraph in the body should only address one sub-point of your main topic. This ensures that the essay flows well and is easy to comprehend.

Write the conclusion

The conclusion summarizes the main points of the body paragraphs. It also reiterates the thesis statement to remind readers how they all connect. A conclusion can include suggestions for future research or questions that you might consider. It also allows you to explain why your findings or topic are important.

Edit, proofread and submit

After writing your first draft, don't be afraid of changing sections, adding information or removing information. While writing your essay, you may discover better ways to present your research. After you have completed the final draft, you should proofread it for any formatting mistakes, spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and so on. For a final review, ask a friend or family member for assistance and then submit the paper!

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How to Write a Nursing Essay Paragraph By Paragraph

Understanding the structure of an essay will make writing a nursing essay easier. Although the style and tone of a  is more academic and formal than other essays, it follows the same five paragraph structure as essay writing. An introduction is followed by three paragraphs that are the body of the essay and a conclusion. A nursing essay might have one or more body paragraphs depending on how many words are needed.

Nursing Essay Introduction

The goal of an introduction is to grab the attention of the reader and tell them about the essay. The hook is the first sentence. It should contain an interesting fact or question that grabs attention and encourages readers to keep reading. The next step is to provide background information about your topic. This will allow them to understand the purpose of the paper and help them decide what information they should be looking for. The next step is your thesis statement. Your thesis statement is a brief explanation of the purpose of your paper. It should include a claim, argument, or other information that will persuade readers.

The thesis statement is the most important sentence of the introduction paragraph, if not the whole essay. You should craft a thesis statement that is relevant to your topic. Also, ensure that your body paragraphs support your thesis statement. The introduction paragraph can be concluded with your thesis statement, or you can include a one-sentence transition into the body paragraphs.

Nursing Essay Body Paragraphs

Your body paragraphs provide support information and help you build your case. The topic sentence should be the first paragraph of each body paragraph. This should clearly state what the paragraph is about. The next sentence should relate the information to the thesis statement. The body paragraphs should contain correctly cited evidence from reliable sources. To increase readability and coherence, you should close a paragraph with a transition sentence.

Remember that every paragraph in the body should focus on one supporting point. Too many details about a topic can confuse the reader. Each paragraph in a body paragraph must relate to the topic sentence and to the claim in your thesis statement.

You may discover new information as you write your body paragraphs. This is normal. Do not hesitate to change information, remove some pieces of information or include new research.

Nursing Essay Conclusion

Your chance to show how everything connects in the conclusion. The main points and strongest evidence should be summarized. Next, summarize the thesis and explain how it all fits together. Do not go into too many details, as your main conclusions should be obvious from the arguments that you have presented in the body paragraphs. In a conclusion, don't mention any additional research. This could confuse the reader. End the conclusion with a suggestion for further research or a question.

A  is a great planning tool for any type or writing. An outline is essential for nursing essays as it helps to organize research. Nursing essays are very research-based and content-heavy. A outline helps you organize the information you have collected and plans out your final essay. When you are conducting research, fill in the outline with key information. Make sure to include citations. An outline is only for you. You can change it however you like.

  • Introduction
  • Hook
  • Background information
  • Statement on Thesis
  • Transition sentence
  • Paragraph 1
  • Topic sentence about the subtopic or supporting claim
  • Evidence, facts, and data
  • Transition to the second paragraph
  • Paragraph 2 of the Body
  • Topic sentence about the second topic or supporting claim
  • Evidence, facts, and data
  • Transition to the third paragraph
  • Paragraph 3 of the Body
  • Topic sentence about the third topic or supporting claim
  • Evidence, facts, and data
  • The conclusion
  • Conclusion
  • Summary of the main ideas
  • Restate your thesis statement
  • Final thoughts


Nursing Essay Topics

You may already have topics for your nursing essay depending on what program you're in. However, if you are writing an essay to apply to nursing school, the decision of what topic you choose becomes more difficult. These are some of the most important points to consider when thinking about potential topics.

  • Select a topic you are interested in.
  • You should choose a topic you are familiar with that will interest the reader.
  • Be sure to find enough reliable sources for your topic.
  • Your topic should not be too broad or too specific.