Importance of Hand-washing”

uick Description: there are 4 of us in a group in we choose the topic to present “Importance of Hand-washing” and we had to present to school-aged children 6-12years of age.
Our game we decided to play with he kids:
NOTE: must answer every bulletin below (has to be included in paper)

Executive Summary
Summary of the project to include the following:

  •   Brief description of project (2 point)
  •   Purpose of the project (2 point)
  •   Identification of audience (2 point)
  •   Identification of research tools and references used to support teaching process and content (2 point)
  •   Summary of the teaching strategies, materials and resources used (2 point)
Description of the group you are teaching and its learning needs

  •   Developmental stage discussed according to Erickson and
    Piaget’s theories (2 points per theorist for a total of 4 points)
  •   Description of developmental needs of the audience
    addressed (2 points)
  •   Description of how the audience exhibited traits of the stage
    discussed (2 points)
  •   Supporting statements and references about topic included
    throughout each section (2 points)
Overview of the material presented

  •   Thorough explanation of content presented to audience (2 points)
  •   Discussion of why this topic is significant to nursing from a disease prevention, health promotion, and/or health maintenance perspective (2 points)
  •   Discussion of why this topic is important to the target audience and the larger community (2 points)
  •   Supporting statements and references about topic included throughout each section (2 points)
Teaching strategies used and why you chose them

  •   Identification of the different teaching strategies used (lecture,
    demo/ return demo, role-play, gaming, etc) (2 points)
  •   Discussion of why certain teaching strategies were chosen
    for target audience (correlate developmental stage with each
    teaching strategy) (2 points)
  •   List behavioral objectives. (2 points)
  •   Describe category of behavioral objectives (psychomotor,
    affective, and/or cognitive). (2 points)
  •   Discuss how teaching strategies correlate with these
    categories (2 points)
  •   Supporting statements and references about topic included
    throughout each section (2 points)
Possible Points
Your Points
Teaching Plan
In table format include the following components:

  •   Goals (2.5 points)
  •   Objectives (10 points)
  •   Outline of content (5 points)
  •   Instructional method (2.5 points)
  •   Time allotted (2.5 points)
  •   Resources (2.5 points)
  •   Evaluation methods (5 points)
Self Evaluation of teaching = (You can make up this part as if you’re in the group)

  •   Strengths of project/presentation (2 points)
  •   Weaknesses or areas needing improvement in
    project/presentation (2 points)
  •   Discussion of barriers the group encountered during the
    project (2 points)
  •   Discussion of evidence of audience learning as a result of the
    teaching project (2 points)
  •   Personal reflection-what did you learn from this project? One
    page per student to be graded individually (2 point)

Reference Page (APA)

  •   Reference page included (1 point)
  •   Reference page in alphabetical order (1 point)
  •   Correct APA format for each reference listed (4 points)
  •   Include at least one current nursing journal (within 5 years)
    which had a focus on your project topic (2 points)
  •   Minimum of 5 current resources (within 5 years), appropriate
    resources utilized. (2 points)
  •   Each reference must be utilized a minimum of 1 time within
    the text of the paper (1 point)
Discussion of Resources (1 page)

  •   Appropriate resources include nursing or related textbooks, peer reviewed nursing or related journal articles, or websites meeting the criteria on page 530 of the course textbook that are directed at nursing or education professionals.
  •   Choose one of the references utilized and discuss how that resource met those criteria. (2 points)

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