Neurology pathophysiology

power point presentation describing the following points regarding the assigned neurology pathophysiology topic.

The power point should be a minimum of 16 slides and a maximum of 20 slides, excluding introduction and references.

Each of you will have to opportunity to present so please organize and prepare to do so. The seminar is 1 hour in length and is mandatory.

APA format is required. Writing approach (sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling) will be evaluated.
Evidence based references within the last 5 years only and– no .com– references

A.   Topic

a.     Concise definition

b.    Brief epidemiology

c.     Etiology

d.    Pathogenesis

e.     Clinical manifestations (Top 3)

f.     Diagnosis (Definitive)

g.    Top 3 Differential Diagnoses

Pseudomotor Cerebri

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