Population and Health assignment

There are 2 topics, you have to choose 1 to write an essay (2500 words MAX)Document Preview: 

Population and Health assignment
The paper copy of the essay should be on A4 paper, stapled in the top left hand corner, with your student number written clearly in the top right hand corner of the first sheet. You should attach the coursework submission form along with the main document. Each write-up should consist of no more than 2500 words, plus graphs, tables and short bibliography. Write-ups longer than this will be penalised. You may include appendices which do not count towards the word count. Appendices should include material that is related to your argument but not an integral part of it, such as figures or tables. It is not expected that you include appendices, but please do so if you feel it is necessary. The essay should stand-alone with or without reading the additional material.
Assignment Option 1
Is there evidence of diverging epidemiological transitions in different areas of the world? Using the Global Burden of Disease and other sources of data as evidence (where possible), discuss similarities and differences in the health transition in different regions of the world as well as why these changes are occurring.
– The aim of this essay is to provide an evidence based discussion of the epidemiological transition in different regions of the world. You can restrict your answer to certain regions if you wish, although you should fully justify your selection.
– Obviously this needs to be an examination of health over time, and the GBD should not be the sole evidence you quote as evidence.
– Some debate over the drivers of changes and divergences in the transition should be made.
– Starting points for reading are the references in the related lectures – this should lead to much wider reading.
Assignment Option 2
Can health be measured at a population level or are estimates that are produced no more than guesswork and supposition? Illustrate your answer by using specific examples of health, such as violence against women, coronary…

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