Principles of Drug Action

Midterm Topics

This exam covers material from Topics 1-7. Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

Attempt Start Date: 20-Feb-2020 at 12:00:00 AM

Due Date: 26-Feb-2020 at 11:59:59 PM

Duration: 01:50:00

Maximum Points: 100.0

Total Number of Questions: 50

Topic 1: The Role of the APRN in Pharmacology

Topic 2: Principles of Drug Action

Topic 3: Drug Development and Error Prevention

Topic 4: Cardiovascular and Renal Pharmacology I

Topic 5: Cardiovascular and Renal Pharmacology II

Topic 6: Endocrine Pharmacology

Topic 7: Hematology and Oncology

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