Ethics Module 2 – SLP


The goal of the Session Long Project is to identify and evaluate the ethical principles used in resolving ethical dilemmas, and to apply the principles to specific ethical issues that may have professional, sociological, economic, and legal or political implications.

Tasks for Module 2:

Compare and contrast the Codes of Ethics* applicable in your professional practice to that of the Code of Ethics for health educators. What are the similarities? What are possible differences?

If currently not employed in the health profession then choose any code of ethics for a health profession and compare the Codes of Ethics to that of health educators.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Please note that an Oath is different than a Code of Ethics

Limit your response to a maximum of three pages, not including title and reference pages.

Please support your discussions with scholarly support (3-5 references). Be sure to properly cite all references.

Apply critical thinking skills to the assignment components, especially for #2 and #3 above.

Your paper will be evaluated based on the rubric criteria.

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