What core commitments are consistent with my worldview and how do they impact my life?

Homework #1

Consider your responses for the seven questions in the “Detailed Worldview Outline” assignment and write an essay (1,000 to 1,500 words) that explains how these beliefs fit together to form your personal coherent worldview.

Finally, attempt to identify the worldview assumptions you believe and discuss any implications. For example:

  1. How does your worldview compare to a Christian worldview as presented in class?
  2. How does your worldview perform in each of the four tests of worldview?
  3. How does your worldview affect your thoughts and actions?
  4. How has your worldview changed over the course of this class?

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide (see attached document)

The completed essay should consist of an introduction, body, conclusion, and a reference page with multiple sources of research:

  1. A minimum of one academic source per question is required.
  2. A minimum of three different academic sources is required for the entire paper.
  3. Class notes, textbooks, the Bible, and other class resources may serve as a good starting point for your research.
  4. You might need to define terms; if you do, be sure to cite and reference your sources using GCU style.

This assignment uses a grading rubric. Instructors will be using the rubric to grade the assignment; therefore, students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment.

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Detailed Worldview Outline


In my own personal belief, I believe that there is God, because without God life would not exists. I feel His presences guiding me every day. All around us is what God created for us. We are not just a body. Our body consists three parts which is our body, our soul and our spirit. Our body is like a shell. While we are alive we use our body to live on earth, but once the spirit left, the body rot away and turn to dust.

  1. I) Who is God and what are His characteristics?
  2. a) God created the universe.
  3. b) God is sovereign.
  4. c) He is forgiving, caring, loving and eternal.
  5. II) What is a human being and what happens when you die?
  6. a) A human being has a soul that’s attach to a human body and God gave humans the chance to live the way they want to be.
  7. b) I believe that God exist and later after death, the people that did good deeds, I believe that they go to heaven.
  8. c) They have a free will which gives them the power to choice. They are children of God.
  9. d) When I die, I will be judge by my action and believe in Christ. All material things I owned will be left in Earth.

III)   What is the nature of the universe?

  1. a) The universe was created naturally.
  2. b) It is an eternal place for us human being to live.
  3. c) Universe is full of space. It is hollow and empty. However, at the same time it is bright and colorful. It consists of multiple layers of boundaries. It is deadly to humans. Yet we live on one of its planet. It is vast and expanding. It is full of life because it is continually moving. It is recycling, meaning starts and planets get destroyed while new starts and planets form. It is unknown to us and for us to explore.
  4. IV) How do you know what you know?  How do you know what is true?
  5. a) I know what I know, based on my family and culture.
  6. b) I know that it is true based on my beliefs.
  7. c) I know what I know by my circle of influence. What I know start from what my parents thought me. Then it expands when I interact with other people; from relatives to friends, classmates, teacher, and any one I have encounter too. What I know came from what I read on books, and what I see on television. What I know comes from my hero, idol, enemy and anyone who done well or terrible things to me. What I know is iron by the experience I had, awful or not.
  8. d) What I know is to be true is what it says on the bible. Since it is God words and I believe in him for he is the only truth in this world. People changes, climate changes, technology changes, etc. However, good never changes. He love Adam and Eve and to now he loves all of us.
  9. V) What is right and wrong or how can we know there is a right and wrong?
  10. a) To know what is right, wrong must exists. Thus we can let which actions fall on the two categories.   We can tell right from wrong if it is parallel to the word of God or opposing the world of God.
  11. b) Right is any action or thoughts that do not cost harmful to another person or to yourself; physically, mentally and spiritually. To know what is right, wrong must exists. Thus we can let which actions fall on the two categories.   We can tell right from wrong if it is parallel to the word of God or opposing the world of God.
  12. VI) Is life pointless or is there purpose?
  13. a) I believe that there is purpose to everything that happened in this world. As humans we need to find the truth and not let the nature takes its course.
  14. b) God created us for a reason and there’s no definite answer why we all exist and what is God trying to accomplish.
  15. c) All of us have a purpose. When we are born we have a future to be mother or father, cop or an athlete, etc. We have the power to influence others.  We are born to be loved and to love. Pointlessness is people who give up on life. However why waste something that you can only have once.

VII)  What core commitments are consistent with my worldview and how do they impact my life?

  1. a) The core commitments are pledges to help ourselves toward the right direction.
  2. b) I learned to be responsible and forgive others.


In conclusion, I believe that without God and his creation, our lives would be meaningless. This world would be meaningless for us humans to live in. I believe that as humans, we have good reasons to live and have faith to continue believing that we are all created by God.

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