What were workhouses and their functions? How did the Poor Laws influence those confined to workhouses?

Questions for Review

1.What were workhouses and their functions? How did the Poor Laws influence those confined to workhouses?
2.What were houses of refuge and reform schools? Were they successful in accomplishing their objectives? Why, or why not?
3.Who were child savers, and how did the child-saving philosophy influence the subsequent development of juvenile courts?
4.What were the cases of Ex parte Crouse and People ex rel. O’Connell v. Turner? What was their significance for juvenile justice?
5.What was the Illinois Juvenile Court Act, and what was its significance for juvenile courts?
6.What are some important differences between the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR)and the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)? What are some strengths and weaknesses of the UCR and NCVS? What are some other sources of information about delinquency and crime? How reliable are these sources?
7.What is self-report information? Is it more or less accurate compared with data reported by the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) or National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)? What are several problems that accompany self-report information?
8.Who are at-risk youth, and why do they interest criminal justice professionals? Why are such youth targeted for interventions? What are pathways, and why are they significant in relation to career escalation?
9.Why is there growing interest in female juvenile gangs? What are some general trends in female juvenile delinquency, and are these trends of interest to authorities?
10.What are some myths and misconceptions about female juveniles? How have these myths and misconceptions influenced social policies relevant to female delinquents? What are some general characteristics of female delinquents?

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